Wednesday, April 20, 2016

Male Beauty by bengie: Dripped

'Slippery When Wet.'

Th last couple of times I featured the images of Male Beauty by bengie, the locations were outside. On the patio, In front of the French doors, (La Porte-FenĂȘtre) and outside surrounded by wood by the barn. (Barn Wood)

Although in those two features, the models may have been dry, what followed was certainly more on the moist side.  After working out near the barn, and hanging out in the sun on the patio, each of the men photographed headed inside to clean off and heat things up in the upstairs shower.

It really doesn't matter where captures the men he photographs, the Cheshire based artist always perfectly captures the male form with a beautiful blend of masculinity with an extra large dose of sexual energy and heat.

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