Tuesday, February 7, 2017

KJ Apa: Riverdale High

Something is happening all right, and it occurs every time I see actor KJ Apa. It took me a few scenes to get the appeal of Riverdale's new Archie Andrews. There seemed to be a bit of 'playing' in the pilot with how 'orange' to make his hair, and what tone best fit the character. But.. by the time he was sweaty, walking down the street giving us a glimpse of those abs, we were all hooked.

The producers clearly also see KJ's appeal, and how wonderfully he glistens when sweaty. The show's second episode also featured a sweaty Archie, tossing and turning in his grey boxer briefs in bed, and running through the streets of Riverdale. As long as Archie continues to sweat, I'll be there. It helps that KJ is a great actor, and thus far the shows dark 'Twin Peaks' style of storytelling is incredibly engrossing.

Riverdale: A Touch of Evil

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