Friday, May 19, 2017

Towel Dried by Male Beauty by bengie

'Hung out to dry'

With the blast of heat that hit the North East this week, many of us switched up our hot showers, for cool ones. When featuring shower themed shots from Male Beauty by bengie however, regardless of the water temperature, it's bound to get steamy. As his handle indicates, the beauty that bengie captures, either when wet, or when dry, is uniquely male. Strong, virile and statuesque examples of masculinity.

I first pulled back the shower curtain, featuring bengie's shower shots last last year. (Dripped) For that first set of images, we joined the men that bengie was shooting near the end of their shower, while moist drops of water cascade down and over their firm naked bodies.

Today's set of shots were snapped closer to near the end of the shower, the climatic culmination of the cleaning, just after the fluids have stopped flowing and the taps...have been turned off.   Once the liquid is turned off, it is time to dry off and clean up.

The drying off part of a shower is an important part of the process. There is nothing worse than being in a humid environment, or being in so much of a hurry that you have to get dressed with your skin not completely dry. The drying off piece tends not to be photographed as often, but as you can see from bengie's images, are visually, an equally erotic part of the process.

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