Thursday, September 6, 2018

The Air on his Skin: Naked Bob by Naked Ambition

'My first foray into nudity was as a child and pre teen in the back yard at night after my parents went to sleep. It progressed into evening walks totally nude so I could feel the air on my skin.'
Naked Bob

Air on the skin, especially the cool late night air, seems to both the feeling, and the draw for many to take off their clothes. I wouldn't call myself a nudist by any means, but Naked Bob's words brought back a few memories. When I first moved to the country when I was in my twenties, for the first time in my life I didn't have neighbours a few yards away.

I rented the bottom of a house and my front door, (in the back of the house) opened to a large field. I used to love to step outside naked late at night, and feel the cool air on my skin. If the lights were off upstairs, I assumed the couple that resided there were asleep, if not I didn't care. The only other eyes that could have possibly caught my late night strolls were the cows in the field.

It was brief period of time, a year later I was in house in town, and my nightly excursions (except for one night after too much wine) basically ended. I certainly was nude enough to put the moniker of 'naked' in front of my name. Unlike myself, Bob had more than just a few experiences or a brief moment or two of nudity. Ever since those late night backyard strips, nudism became a lifestyle.

'I’ve loved nudity since I was a kid and have never been shy or uncomfortable naked in any situation. Nudity, especially public, is incredibly freeing and’s one of the most natural things you can do. I hope this gives a bit of insight into my naked life...'

It made sense then, that Bob would connect with George, the California photographer behind Naked Ambition. Bob first connected with George via a mutual friend, a local artist who let Bob know that George was going to be in town and was looking for nude models. George is also a model and has done numerous nude shoots himself. The location for the shoot was the Marina Inn in San Francisco, and Bob shares that during the shoot, the discussions were mostly about focused on their mutual love for nudity and nudism.

'Because of the limited possibilities offered by my hotel room, we didn't shoot for very long, but Bob was incredibly easy to work with. He works out regularly and as a result has a nice physique. Because he is a lifelong nudist he is totally comfortable naked and doesn’t mind showing every inch of his body.'

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