Sunday, August 31, 2014

The Bible Boys by Dan Skinner

Sometimes suppression, leads to a more explosive expression...

'As he grew, it became evident he was a pretty boy. Not a handsome boy. There ’s a difference between handsome and someone whose features are those normally considered elegant. Though very fair skinned and blond, his lashes and brows were coal black, appearing as if someone had taken makeup to them. It offset eyes the color of aquamarines. His cheeks were high; full and proportionate , the planes of his face sleek, almost feline. His lips were voluptuous, the top as broad as the bottom and symmetrical; the color of Cabernet. It would grow to be a face one was drawn to stare at, or look away from. Depending on your gender in those days.'

The pretty boy is Matthew, on the brink of a sexual awakening, hampered at every turn by his radically Evangelical family. The Church was law. Since he could remember, the message was clear, two men together was a sin, an abomination. Despite those messages, natural urges could not be denied and it was in that church that Matthew first spotted Caleb. 'That world outside was not where they belonged. It was unnatural to them. Matt could be a victim of it no longer.'

'Perspiration wound its way down the bend of his back, prickled the fine blond hair. The same wetness was between the cheeks of his ass. A hand found its way there, toyed with the tender spot. It was driving his mind into another dimension. “Oh God!'

In writer and photographer Dan Skinner's latest novel, religious restrictions make being together almost impossible. A week long gathering however, at Caleb's family farm provides an opening. They had only one chance to be together...and it would be a daring one, right under the noses of the very people who would condemn them. Dan Skinner doesn't just write words, he creates visual scenes that, like his photographs, draw you into the story and hold you there, page after page. Read, and see, The Bible Boys for yourself on Amazon HERE:

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