Wednesday, October 19, 2016

Ten: Favorite, Vincent WolFang by TR Pics

'My photography gives me the chance to create and explore on my own. It's my outlet.'

I first featured the work of Dallas photographer Tom Rubeck back in 2011. In the first piece, I featured Tom's work with model, and now photographer, Sam Devries. I remember in that piece Tom sharing that it was this shoot with Sam, that had him feeling like a photographer, and not  "just a guy with a camera."

In addition to spotlighting incredible bodies, Tom's work has a vibrant energy that always manages to spotlight both the personality and emotional core within his subjects.  I have loved featuring Tom's work over the last five years and have featured many of his models and shoots, and many of their stories.

One of the stories Tom captured that seemed to resonate with FH readers was his work with Vincent WolFang which I was thrilled to be able to feature in Right Before The Lens. Vincent's comments and struggles with his body hair hit a nerve with some readers and the story became one of the most popular and clicked on pieces on the site.

To celebrate FH 10th, Tom sent on some images of Vincent from their two shoots in 2011 that were not included in the first story.   In addition, Tom included some more recent images from their third shoot together, taken  in 2013.

If you want to check out all of the work of TR Pics on FH, check out Tom's Quarternate post HERE:

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