Wednesday, October 19, 2016

Fun Favorite Facts:

With a focus on the male form, there has been several instances of confusion with a few readers. I think these must be blog readers who clicked on a link somewhere and brought the to a single post of a model or photographers. Every once in awhile I get an e-mail from a reader thinking that I am the person in the images they are enjoying.

The most interesting instance of this came from a pretty well known actor best know I would say from his time on an ABC soap. (and fyi, he is not pictured here) This soap star contacted me after seeing himself in a birthday post, then proceeded to think I was the person pictured in the model profile which followed. I let him know immediately that was not me, but I was the writer of the site. He was not deterred...

He continued to write, requesting more images of the person in the profile, 'me', according to him, wanting to see more. He wanted my phone number, and was persistent in asking where i lived so that we could get together. I replied back several times attempting to clear up his confusion, but finally gave up. Eventually, so did he.

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