Thursday, June 22, 2017

Loeweo: Stylishly Naked

Image below from Museumsinsel

 Stylish: -having elegance or taste or refinement in manners or dress
                                         -chic, smart, voguish

Loeweo by sd-picture

Can you be stylish without any clothes on? For me, German model Loeweo proves the answer is of course! Loeweo was sporting just his birthday in the first images that I saw. Yet, he was not only stylish, but debonair, exuding a sexy sophistication that went beyond any clothing he might have been wearing.

Loeweo by Thorben Averkorn

In might be in part his age and maturity. In might be the beard, or the sexy confidence in his blue eyes. It might be that Loeweo has experience as a fashion model, so whether wearing a tweed pea coat, or nothing at all, he knows how to move and pose in a way that has you wanting to buy whatever he might be selling.

Loeweo by Ron Amato

'I love modeling very much.I like to live a bit my fantasies, and with modeling, I can live a little bit in another world.'

Next five images from Anjuzi Fotographie

I think the photo below is one of my favorites. Only wearing the coat and boots, Loeweo beautifully demonstrates how even a little bit of fashion, can be worn stylish on the right man.

Loeweo didn't grow up dreaming of living in this stylish, other world. His modeling began with a chance encounter with a photographer in a cafe. The artist was looking for models for an art photo exhibition entitled, 'People in a Tram' in Mitte, Berlin' Loeweo knew from the title that the photographer was looking for 'stories' and helping others to complete their stories is one of the reasons he loves to model.

As for modeling minus any fashion, Loeweo says has not problem shooting naked. If it's a great photographer, with a good story to tell, shooting naked is something Loeweo really enjoys. It helps that he has an amazing body, one he earned from living, not hours at the gym. Despite how great he looks, you might think that being over 40 may limit job offers and modeling opportunities. Loeweo however, says his experience has been just the opposite.

'For me everything got better with my increased age. Yes, the type of photos should correspond to the age, I am not a young boy or fitness gym man, but as I got older, demand only increased.'

Next two shots from Michael Ullrich

'I don't have a part of my body that I like more than others. I like that the people enjoy me with, and without clothing. I guess I do get the most attention about my eyes and the face. When nude, I guess that people like that I don't have a strong gym body like a lot of male models, but a more natural, masculine and sensitive look.'

Next two images from Ryan Tandya

Self shots by Loeweo

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