Thursday, June 22, 2017


'This book is the result of placing a very handsome male model in and around a gorgeous contemporary house over four days in the countryside of Mexico! If you enjoy handsome men and stunning residential architecture, you will love this book.'

Well... I do enjoy me some handsome men and stunning residential architecture, so I was thrilled to be able to feature some of photographer Gordon Nebeker's images of model Austin Wild (who is handsome embodied) earlier this year on the site. (True Paradise / Man About the House) Those February features were definitely a highlight but were only part of the photographic story of Gordon's recent trip to Mexico.

Gordon's Oh... Mexico is a hard bound scrapbook featuring incredibly beautiful visuals of Austin and his surroundings printed on high quality paper that has every color, and every inch of Austin pop vibrantly to life! There is no hurry to order, but if your interested, for the next few days Gordon is able to offer a 40% discount due to Blurb's current deal for their authors. If you want to get in on the deal, you can shoot me an e-mail, or leave a message on this post and I will connect you with Gordon for the savings! Check out a preview HERE:

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