Saturday, April 28, 2018

Instagrams that Inspire: Ramiro Lozano

If you spend any time on model Ramiro Lozano's Instagram page, you'll certainly see tons of hot shots of Ramiro. You'll also see tons of hot shots of Benny and many fur baring shots of Tommy, Ramiro's husband and ginger kitty respectfully.

The Barcelona based model began modeling at 19 and has been modeling non-stop since. Ramiro has an incredibly hot look, strong face, sexy hazel eyes,  and his incredible physique is usually beautifully packaged tightly in white.

Ramiro by anailogico

On set with Edmundo Photography

Next two shots from Emilio Gomont FotografĂ­a

Next two shots from Paul Smollen

Remaining images from Rey Badesan

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Anonymous said...

Julian's photos are amazing! He seems like your average guy willing to get naked because he loves his body! So awesome and inspiring!