Tuesday, October 28, 2008

Favorite Classic Playgirl Guy for October 28th Terrence Dineen

Terrence Dineen, Playgirl, April 1993.

Terrence Dineen certainly fits the bill as a favorite hunk, and he is one of my favorite Playgirl guys. Not shaved as many guys in PG often are, he looks natural with that great face, hair and body. Terrence was so popular he was brought in twice in 1993 for layouts.

Terrence was so popular he was brought back for the December 1993 issue.


Ballsman said...

Yes! He is one of my favourite Playgirl models too.

Anonymous said...

Terrence Dineen was also featured in in Playgirl in 1987 - - as the first centerfold model to NOT show 'everything'.

The editor of PLAYGIRL, at the time, decided that women are NOT all that interested penises. She was aware of the conservative times and the interests of women as she knew them. PLAYGIRL magazine was suppose to be for women and she felt it proper to facilitate that end.

When I sneaked peeks in the stores (just as you previously mentioned how you did - nervously and fraught with stress) .. I had to wonder "is their something deformed about him? .. Why is Playgirl NOT showing his penis?"

Nonetheless, the photos were sexy - as tease is sexy. Terrence was a rare plus.

PLAYGIRL's non-nudity policy continued. Subsequently, I wrote a strongly worded letter (using a female version of my own name, however) to the Editor of PLAYGIRL regarding the 'injustice' I felt over the decision to NOT show fully nude men in the magazine anymore.

I made a passionate case; citing such concern over the male as 'ideally not so much a weapon for war - but to be cherished and deserving to admired for his entire beauty' ... etc.

And my letter was published in their 'Letters to the Editor'! Perhaps my influence played a small part in the return of PLAYGIRL as a magazine showing fully nude men.

Anonymous said...

Terrence died of AIDS on May 3rd, 2011. He was proud to be gay.

Anonymous said...

Someone posted that Terrence died of AIDS. He was a long time friend of mine and while I have lost a couple of friends to the disease in the past, he did not die of AIDS. While I will not discuss the actual nature of his death, I will say it was subsequently due to complications of elective neck surgery in March of 2011 that went terribly wrong. His death was 'sudden' and unexpected.

TyeBriggs said...

Thanks for the clarification!

Schwonk21 said...

I last saw him in 2008. He did not have aids. He will b missed

Anonymous said...

I dated T before he died. He did not die of aides and he was not gay. He died from complications of neck surgery. Prior to this he was a healthy, loving, handsome man. He loved his family, his many friends and he loved sailing. I especially miss the nights we would spend on his sail boat dancing to Frank Sinatra. Terrance died way too young and he is so missed by the people that actually knew him.


Anonymous said...

My condolences to Terence's family. We hung out at HoJo's beach in the late 80's and became good friends. He was present the weekend I met my beloved late wife. Great memory. He will be missed. So tragic. And trust me, he was not gay!