Saturday, July 24, 2010

Happy Birthday today July 24th to:

Happy Birthday today July 24th to:

Actor, singer and dancer Paul Baily Boulon turns 24 today.

Model, actor and photographer Justin Clynes turns 26 today.

Swedish Pop Singer Dhani Lennevald turns 26 today.

Actor Danny Dyer turns 33 today.

Eric Szmanda turns 35 today.

Actor Geert Hunaerts turns 38 today.

Mz Lopez turns 40 today.

Rick Fox turns 41 today.

Kristin Chenoweth 42 today.

Wonder Woman, Lynda Carter turns 59 today.

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RM said...

Mmmmm. Eric Szmanda. :)
You've seriously got mad search skillz because I've never seen the shirtless screen caps of him. Thanks!