Sunday, June 8, 2014

Ball caps, Blue Jeans and Bikini Briefs: Zack Abraham by Carl Proctor

It is clear to regular FH readers that showcasing the work Carl Proctor is one of my favorite things to do. In the last four years I featured his work and images as often as I can. The Atlanta photographer not only produces incredible imagery, he is generous, supportive and continues to remain excited about his work and the process of putting together a great theme or shoot.

Carl's enthusiasm has led to his creating images and themes that have been some of my favorites to present on the blog. It has also led to my introduction to models whom I may not have given attention to, except for Carl's images. Carl has an eye for not only spotting, but capturing models in a way that makes them stand out. He always manages to capture that one moment or that second of a killer smile, or that perfect pose. That hard to define essence that creates that stand out image, the essence you may not have noticed, if Carl's camera had not zoomed directly to it.

When I saw the image of model Zack Abraham, the image I used for pic of the day, I knew it was one of those shots. There was something about the pose and Zack with a baseball and glove and the ball cap with briefs that I so loved. Zack was also wearing sandals, footwear Carl obviously loves to shoot his models in. Like or dislike the image, it is unique and stops you in your tracks. Carl often throws in pieces of fashion and props that on the surface, you might question how would blend together. Carl, with the right model, finds a way to make them work.

Carl certainly made it work with Zack. Carl says the shoot ended up being much shorter than he had planned, but they still ended up with some amazing images! Zack, who is represented by Crew Models International is an auto mechanic by trade but loves the arts and says he applies this creativity and artistry to all aspects of his life, including his auto work. I love Zack's outlook. Many of us would never assume, when we see our mechanic, no matter how hot, in overalls and full of grease as being artistic. I think we could all benefit if there were more artistically driven people tinkering under our hoods.

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