Sunday, June 8, 2014

Figs & Newton

It may have been partly due to his resemblance to a certain movie star, but when I was a teenager, Joey Newton was one of my all time favorite men of Playgirl. His body is delicious yes, but that smile, that jaw, that wavy dark hair, incredible!

I did a FH poll back in 2009 and Joey topped my list, might be time for poll to see who you all would love to see in future Playgirl posts! Joey Newton was my first Classic Playgirl post back in 2007, but I only used a few images. I thought it was a good time to again, join Joey by the pool.

Joey Newton
Playgirl, May 1994
Photography by David Hinds


MostFun said...

thank you for sharing Tye - not only is the beauty in Newton's physique, but in the camera angles. The inclusion of (his beautiful) scrotum is erotic as well!

MostFun said...

when I saw the first picture in the posting ... I thought it was Joey Stefano!

oleconquistador said...

He is most definitely a Hunk.