Sunday, June 8, 2014

Playing with the Boys

Top Gun was the first Tom Cruise movie I saw at the theatres. It was also arguably the gayest. Between longing glances in the locke room to serious moments with a daddy figure wearing your tighty whites, Top Gun brought the shirtless eye candy ten fold!

The homo eroticism was never as clear or blatant as it was in The Vollyball Scene. Lets start with Kenny Loggins Playing With The Boys song blasting in the background. I remember even at 11, even before I really knew I was gay, feeling that scene doing a little something something with my nether regions while I watched. Tom Cruise, Val Kilmer, Rick Rossovich and Anthony Edwards. I also had me a wee crush on Barry Tubb.

1.) Make sure 75 percent of the guys on the court are wearing jeans and/or cropped sweatpants with no shirt.
2.) The other 25 percent must wear a colorful pair of swim trunks with a sleeveless shirt.
3.) Tape your hands up as if you’re about to do some intense Muay Thai training.
4.) Aviator sunglasses are a must.
5.) Get sweaty well before the game starts.
6.) A well-choreographed high five is highly encouraged.
7.) Casually flex your muscles and pose whenever you get the chance.
8.) Dog tags or any necklace adds some sparkle.
9.) As mentioned, any Kenny Loggins song will make for a great soundtrack for this gentleman’s game.
10.) Above all, make sure that you are doing all this in front of an audience of males 

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