Friday, August 29, 2014

Timothy Bottoms: Filmography

Here is a quick snapshot of some of the movies I watched, and some of the projects that interested me from actor Timothy Bottoms. Of course, it is FH, so had to add any nude or shirtless scenes that I could find. From The Last Picture Show to a tv movie with Marie Osmond... what a long, but varied career!

Above: Bottoms in Cannes with his co-star Diane Varsi from his first feature film, Johnny Got His Gun, 1971

The Story Of David (1976)

Not sure what movie this image is from, but it is credited as Bottoms. Looks to be from the 80's.... If anyone has any idea, please shoot me a line!

The Paper Chase (1973)

I think The Paper Chase was my favorite of Timothy's films I have seen so far. Bottoms is great as is co-star John Houseman. Lyndsay Wagner is beautiful and appearances by James Naughton and Edward Herrmann. Great character drama they just don't make any more. Tension and drama rooted in the pressures of law school and brilliant characters created to inhabit it. Screenplay by James Bridges based on the novel by John Jay Osborn Jr.  This one, I look forward to watching again down the road.

With Marie Osmond in The Gift Of Love, 1978

Roller Coaster (1977) Fun,tense filled flick that SCREAMS 70's disaster era.

East Of Eden (1981)

I loved this 1981 tv flick. I had forgotten how great an actress Jane Seymour could be when given a meaty role. Long, dramatic and epic. Perfect TV movie material, baring little to no similarities to the James Dean/Julie Harris film version.

Pound Of Flesh (2010)  (Odd by interesting flick which includes a full frontal by a 59 year old Bottoms)

Fairly recent HeadShot

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