Monday, September 14, 2015

A Warrior's Spirit: Yoni Baker by YogaBear Studio

Last month, we joined model Yoni Barker and David from YogaBear Studio on the tracks in Borrego Springs California. (Vapors Of The Past) After leaving the old abandoned train and track, Model and artist headed to the rocks, the location of the second part of their shoot.

I have enjoyed images of many men David has shot in this particular location, but I am not sure any have so powerfully used the space as well as Yoni. Yoni, with or without his sword and shield, harkens back to a another place in time. Yoni so beautifully channels those heroic warriors from the past with his body, soul and spirit.

'On to the huge boulders and dried plants, I could feel the wind and nature all around me. Posing with my siddur, (Judaic book of prayer) and my salit (traditional shawl usually used for prayer and religious events) I felt a connection with my peoples past, and our future. With the sword and shield a true warrior's spirit, yet kind and loving as well. The added bird and effects and the costume were David's magic. He led the moment one step further, and took the story to one more chapter.'

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