Monday, September 14, 2015

Favorite Clicks of the Week:

James Blake

Although I am sure former tennis star James Blake would have rather not have been in the news last week, I am hoping there might be something positive. Watching Blake on television last week, it is clear this talented man needs to be on TV full time. CNN should scoop him up as a commentator ASAP. Although clearly still shaken, Blake remained respectful, making well thought out comments, not laced in anger, but from careful and well thought logic. Add to all that, he's hot as hell, has a killer smile and an Athlete Ally.  Blake would be a great addition to any network.

Quinton Wynn by Michael Dar

I have only recently discovered the work of model Quinton Wynn. Some of my favorite images of Quinton come from photographer Michael Dar whose work with Quinton was featured back in the spring on Fashionably Male.

Taylor Kitsch by Matthias Vriens-McGrath

Thanks to photographer Matthias Vriens-McGrath, (and his tumblr) we get to enjoy these shots of actor and former model Taylor Kitsch in these shots Matthias shot for Numéro Homme. Thanks to oh-snap for the heads up!

Teddy Sears on Masters Of Sex

We all remember Teddy's memorable behind (and it's chilling last scene) on American Horror Story. (HERE:) Teddy's recent nude scene on Masters Of Sex thankfully has a happier ending. Masters Of Sex caps below from DC's Men Of The Moment.

Photographer David Vance once again unviels an outstanding series of images of model and natural body builder Alexander Yunayev. Born in Moscow, and fluent in both English and Russian, David shares that Alexander is very Americanized with not even a hint of an accent.

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