Monday, September 14, 2015

Liam Martin: WBZ-QT

Although I don't live in Boston, most of my network channels stream from the city. Over the past 10 plus years however, I gave grown (with the possible exception of PBS) to despise most of the Boston networks. All four (CBS/ABC/NBC & FOX) can hardly hide their desire to be 24 hour news networks. They have all clearly hired too many personalities in their news divisions, and therefore, to justify the salaries they pay, cut into shows every time a flurry hits the pavement or any time there is a possible crime or news story they can make bigger than it actually is.

In a time of many networks, the need for networks to 'interrupt your regular programming for this important bulletin' in reality does not exist. With the invention of the crawl, and countless news networks, viewers have no shortage of options to get news and if they're watching Judge Judy, they darn well expect to see their Judge Judy. I especially love when the local affiliates interrupt the network. The Boston NBC especially seems to enjoy cutting in on The Today Show for important local traffic updates....

All of this has led me to NEVER watch these network affiliates live. If there is anything I want to watch on Network TV I DVR. Recently however, as I was fast forwarding through a DVR recording of Jeopardy, I had to pause at the frequent interruptions by the pleasant (aka adorable) face of broadcaster Liam Martin. Liam joined WBZ_TV earlier this year, and I must say he has me less bothered at... well being bothered.

Superficial I know, but I am going to miss out finding out who wins final jeopardy, it might as well be by someone pleasant on the eyes. A graduate of Northwestern’s Medill School of Journalism, Martin spent time on air in Massachusetts as a sports journalist prior to moving to WBZ as the co-anchor of the 10:pm new broadast. Given I am giving Stephen Colbert's show a try, I have been seeing Liam on a nightly basis lately which isn't the worst way to end a long day.

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Michael Scott said...

It is the same way with the news in my area. Repulsive. As an example of how pathetic the news is anymore and how over-saturated they have made themselves I give you two recent leading stories: Cat gives birth under car, and dos get's stuck in a tree.