Thursday, December 31, 2015

Brother Wear Thou Art

So many of you know I love me some Cody Calafiore, but call me late to the party, but it's time his brother Paul gets some time in the spotlight. Like most of you, I noticed Cody's hot brother during Cody's season of Big Brother, especially during their shirtless tennis segment last season. I have been planning to feature Paul's work for awhile, but some of his recent Instagram posts, have pushed me hurry the heck up!

Like Cody, Paul is a model, and has personality plus that shines through is images, and his social media postings. Cody and Paul not only share some pretty hot tight genes, but at certain angles have pretty similar facial features. So much so, many were posting Paul's images, crediting them as his brother Cody. One only need to look closely, which given it's Paul, is not that difficult of a task. His tats, and his adorable grin, always give him away if you looks closely enough. Check out his social media pages below, you will not be disappointed!

Paul with Ryan A Carillo

Paul by Rick Day

Paul by Jeremy Kost

Paul in his Kim_Dentzler's

Paul by Mark Hopkins Photography

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