Thursday, December 31, 2015

Bonne Année!


Creative impulses are a fascinating thing. With FH in it's 9th year, my compulsion to continue ebbs and flows each month, and in some cases, each day. But then... I see an image, I discover a new model, I find a photographer or artist whose imagery grabs my attention, and I am again excited to showcase the work.

I always love getting e-mails from artists, especially those artists that consistently contribute to the blog. Seeing that little attachment symbol, and knowing I am about to see new work, propels me to continue, even when I may not be feeling that inspired. Art rejuvenates, and I hope FH has provided you a little rejuvenation, inspiration and tons of stimulation over the last 12 months. A huge thank you as always, to all those who contribute images, art and stories, and have me looking forward to seeing what you're going to do next!

I have always enjoyed balloon imagery, maybe more than balloons themselves. When I was searching for some images for New Years, I came upon the work Ohio photographer DCurtis. DCurtis is also fascinated the balloon concept, and plans to focus more on the theme in the future. The black light images also have shades of New Year fireworks and streamers. I look forward to fearuting more work from Douglas in 2016. For now, here are three of my favorite images, one from the balloon series and two from the black light set to celebrate the New Year.

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