Thursday, December 31, 2015

Muscles & Mountains: Rob

First five images by Gordon Nebeker

'One thing that made working with these particular models joyful, was that they contributed many of the poses. Some of the best ideas came from the models who could be like enthusiastic puppies with a new toy.'

As 2015 comes to an end, so sadly does the Muscles & Mountains series. I thought ending with Rob was a great way to end the series. Rob is the only model of the three that I have not featured, and thought he deserved a bit of extra attention. Not only is Rob incredibly sexy, he also creates such beautiful poses and lines and acts as a anchor of strength in so many images from the series.

Rob had a successful modeling career in New York for many years, but has since settled into a full time job outside of the industry. Today, Rob models mostly for fun when he has time off from work. When opportunities come up, especially like whirlwind trips to Utah to shoot with Gordon, Mike and Mark, Rob loves to jump back in the game. The entire group gathered to celebrated Rob's 45th birthday during this years shoot.

Gordon describes Rob as a great model, and a great guy. Rob's keeps his incredible body in model ready shape with yoga, and you can see the influence of yoga in many of poses. What I love most about Rob's work, besides his spectacular butt, is his physical interactions with his surroundings. Whether with the rocks and tree's all around him, or his poses with Will and Joel, Rob's interactions and connections are intensely sensual and highly erotic.

Next three images from studio MG Photography

Working out with Will before shooting

Next two image from Mike Tossy

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Last image from Gordon Nebeker

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