Monday, September 5, 2016

Finn Cole in Animal Kingdom

I know Animal Kingdom premiered months ago, but I just got around to watching the first two episode.  The show is full of hot men, often shirtless and naked, and plenty of homoerotic scenes. But... it hasn't grabbed me enough to look forward to watching more.

If I do, it will be the main cast, especially Jake Weary and Finn Cole.  Cole is the heart and soul of a rather heartless and soul free family and is an appealing way to be introduced to an other wise unlikable family.   Let's just say, you don't want this clan next door.

Cole juggled two prime time television roles last season, Animal Kingdom, and a completely different role int he BBC Two period piece Peak Blinders. If I don't stick with AK, I might have to take a peak at Cole's other series.

Animal Kingdom

I love a good CFNM scene and watching Finn strip down as Ellen Barkin waited for his his dirty tighty whities, (to throw in the wash) was pretty hot.

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