Monday, September 5, 2016

Swan Song? DirtRoad by Noplacia Photography

Since first discovering his work back in 2013, model and photographer DirtRoad, (Warren Russell) has become one of my favorite artists to cover.  Warren is both incredibly sexy and incredibly creative, but these two attributes are only two small pieces of why I have been so drawn to Warren's images.

I also love the quiet pleasure Warren brings to his work.  I use the word 'quiet' with purpose.  Warren is an exhibitionist for sure, but one who channels his passion into creating images that share  and blend his beliefs and values.  I feel such respect from Warren's images.  Respect for his body, and respect for the every thing, around him.  This is especially true when Warren is shooting outside, in a field, in the woods, or or a long abandoned cabin or shed.

Warren's images don't scream 'look at me, look at me', instead, he shares his work, and his body, calmly and peacefully with those that might enjoy and appreciate the results of his creativity, and his message.

Warren sent out another message at the beginning of the summer, one not as emotionally pleasing as the ones that had come before it.  Warren had taken a new job, one that had him working on stop and one that wasn't allowing him much time to pursue modeling and photography.  Warren said he was so busy, that he barely had time to eat or focus on his body.  He was losing weight and thought that it might be time to retire from modeling.

Warren graciously gave support for me to continue to dip into his vast catalogue of work to share. One of photographers who shares so beautifully Warren's artist goals in Gary Larson from Noplacia Photography.  In addition to Warren's self portraits, I have featured the Seattle model's work with Gary more than any other artist.   Sadly, they no longer live in the same State, but Gary promises he has many more shoots, some never published, that I look forward to seeing in the future.

I had seen a few shots from Gary's kickingboxing 'shadow' series with Warren before, but last month Warren released more from the series on his tumblr.  This set taps into the talents of both photographer and model and I love how shadow was used, especially in some of the black and white and erection shots.

Warren's erection doesn't seem forced for a shot, but simply a natural response to what's happening. It was also shot by Gary just like every other part that was creating a beautiful line, and a beautiful shadow, that needed to be captured.

I have asked Warren to consider heading out to the woods, maybe one last time, for a shoot for FH. Warren has promised to look for a time that he might be able to fit that in.  I am hoping there still may be a new shoot or two down that beautiful dirtroad that Warren has welcome me, and all readers of FH, to join him on.

DirtRoad on FH:

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Anonymous said...

I was bummed to read earlier this year that DirtRoad was retiring. He's always been one of my favorite models, for all the qualities he brings to his images. Models come and go, but he's actually had a pretty good run in terms of exposure, considering he has not been a commercial model. His images are uniquely compelling on a few levels. I'm glad to read that more of his work will be published here in the future. I've been waiting patiently for more work to be posted to his tumblr: new, old, whatever.

P.S. On a side note, I see Carl Proctor has some interesting new work that he is not posting to his sites. I smell a new FH feature!