Sunday, September 4, 2016

Hard At Work: Sawyer D by Fotorebelxt Photography

'I like my penis. A lot...'

The first image of Sawyer that I saw was of his popular penis, framed only by a few straps, a clamp or two and a hard hat.  His construction worker themed image seem a perfect Labor Day themed shot. I didn't know it at first, but the image ended up being from one of my favorite photographers, Alwin from Fotorebelxt Photography.

Alwin and Sawyer have collaborated many times over the years, resulting in a great variety of images to choose from.   Although there were tons of images, choosing was a challenge as Sawyer's hat wasn't the only thing hard in many of the images...  Alwin says Sawyer loves performing for his fans and exudes a super sexy confidence in front of the camera.

'FotoRebelXT was the first photographer with whom I had multiple, recurring shoots. He's creative, knows how to frame a good shot, and does a great job with explicit poses. I always look forward to shooting with him.'
Sawyer D

Sawyer is the second person recently who shared the story of shooting nude for the first time while traveling.   Sawyer saw an ad for a nude model and although he'd never modeled at all, baring it all for the camera was something he'd always dared himself to do.  It while traveling, he finally worked up the courage to go through with it. That first shoot took place in closed store front and Sawyer shares that he was immediately seduced by the lights the camera.  'I was hooked.'

'I like to bring honest and genuine eroticism to modeling, making it very natural, desirable, and satisfying to me to be depicted erect. It's difficult to describe the thrilling inner conflict of being forever captured in such a vulnerable, compromised, and honest state, knowing all the while how meaningful it is for the viewers to see me posed this way.'

'Suffice it to say that there's an all-consuming moment of reckoning that takes place every time I commit to a nude shoot, which produces an intense mix of emotional and physical reactions further fueling my sense of exhibitionism. This is why I like to model. While there's admittedly a lot of narcissism at play, there is also a great sense of reward that comes with having shared myself so generously with others. This makes me want to do everything I can to proudly put my erection on display and I've been doing that since my first nude shoot.'

Sawyer's sense of exhibitionism has also led him to film, performing in a couple of solo-erotic films for small production companies.  While Sawyer enjoying doing the film projects and hopes to do more, he actually prefers modeling and the dynamic of a still photo shoot.

Sawyer's quote above about liking his penis, a lot, was actually his answer to my question about what his favorite part was, and what part of his body gets the most attention from others.  Sort of surprisingly, I  think Sawyer is the first model who responded with their penis,  Sawyer says that the comments he gets most from others are usually about his eyes, his smile and his backside.

I love the variety of themes Alwin and Sawyer have explored, and the many emotions and moods captured.  Relaxing at home for a relaxing cup of coffee, then heading off to work at construction site,. Sawyer exudes a masculine, incredibly sexual energy in all of the locations and themes he and Alwin shot.

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