Thursday, October 13, 2016

FaVorites: Mount Photography

Regular readers of FH no doubt recognize a few of the models in this piece showcasing some of my favorite shots from Mark Montovio from Mount Photography. Starting in 2009 with a feature on model Antonio Garcia, I have been sharing and enjoying the Gibraltar based photographer's work ever since.

Mark expertly blends the beauty of location, with the beautiful lines and curves of the male form in the creation of expressive, dynamic and elegant imagery. Mark's work has headlined some of my favorite pieces in the blog, including the Halloween feature, Expressive Masquerade.

That story highlighted not just Mark's skill at capturing the male form, but also his proficiency at shooting two or more models together. There is a fine line in the creation of stunning and sexy images of two models. Images that are intensely erotic and sensual, yet not necessarily as sexual, as they are based on the relationship between space, figure and form. Mark walks that line magnificently.

Mount Photography on FH:

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