Thursday, October 13, 2016

Ten: Keith by Carl Protor

Back in 2011, it was Atlanta photographer Carl Proctor's images of Keith that first drew to me to his work, and inspired me to contact him about a feature on the site. Since then, I have been fortunate to have been able to feature Carl's work close to 30 times, almost half a dozen, featuring Keith. Keith has one of those personalities that bursts off the screen, with a positive, sexy energy that Carl always seems to perfectly capture.

We have seen Keith both lean and bulked up, in costume, wigs, pajama's, just a tool belt, and of in nothing but his sexy smile. Today, to celebrate FH's anniversary, Keith goes formal for the occasion in elegant black and white. I am grateful to Carl for sending on this new set, and for all of the shoots and models, Keith especially, he shared over the last 5 years. Check out more of Carl's work with Keith, and all of Carl's work featured on FH, at Carl's Quarternate post HERE:

'Working with Carl has been one of the best experiences of my career so far. Some of the best images in my portfolio were taken by him. Not only has he taught me so much about the art of creating a unique and brilliant photograph, but he has also helped me grow so much as a model. Working with Carl is so much fun and his shoots are always relaxing and stress free. He is always professional and respectful and he always notices the little things that really make his work standout. I can't wait to work with Carl Proctor again in the future.'

'I have had the pleasure of working with and getting to know Keith in three amazing photo shoots over the past couple years. In his theatre playbill bio, when asked what his hobbies were, he said "Working out. Acting. Working out. Acting. And working out." It shows! He has become leaner and more defined with each shoot. He comes to each photo shoot excited and fully energized and willing to push the envelope in any direction. Watching someone like Keith mature and continually improve is very gratifying. After nearly ten years of working with hundreds of models, it is no stretch to say that Keith has become one of my proudest portfolio stars.'

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Anonymous said...

That was a wonderful set, thanks! I look at a lot of images online and it's always a pleasure to see favorite photographers and models expanded upon in your stories. This is a moment in time, of course, but Keith here is an all-time favorite. So beautiful.