Thursday, October 13, 2016

Facts About Favorites: Papa-paparazzi

I received more than a few e-mails the last few months about why I wasn't doing a post on the nude paparazzi shots that leaked of Justin Bieber and Orlando Bloom. Now, first of all... I know I'm a hypocrite, and I can live with That. I don't judge others who post them, I am grateful to them. I am a huge fan of Bloom, (my favorite of his films, the underrated Elizabethtown) and enjoyed each and every one of his impressive leaked nudes. I am not so much of a fan of Bieber, but if I squint, and ignore his tats and personality,can't deny he has a hot body. But.... Although, in FH's first few years, I regularly posted paparazzi nudes, especially in the birthday section. But, given the purpose and goal of the blog, and an e-mail from a very upset Spanish telenovela star, decided I should 'mostly' stop. I say mostly, as I have no issue posting images of body parts the celebrity may have shown before, or on screen. Bieber regularly posts his ass on Instagram and both Bloom and Brad Pitt have shown their beautiful backsides in movies.

Many like to justify posting leaked naked images by assuming, especially in the recent cases with Bieber and Bloom, that the subject either planned them, were in someway complicit, or should have expected that they were being taken. Maybe... or maybe not. I have learned in the last 10 years, that contrary to popular belief, not every man is comfortable with images of their naked bodies being shared without their consent. People tend to see leaked photos of women as an assault, but naked nudes of men....hilarious and funny. In fact, if they have a decent sized penis, many think they should be proud to share. For some this could be true, for others, not so much. If Orlando Bloom gives an interview and acknowledges he loves having his penis posted all over the net, I'll gladly post it. Until then, I will stick to hypocritically, and joyfully, viewing but not posting.

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