Saturday, August 12, 2017

StudioMGphotography: Anton's Warehouse Attire

Last week I featured StudioMGphotography's new photo book, Anton's Three Day Weekend. The images I used for the story spotlighted Anton dancing in his vintage navy uniform and his naked gymnastics on the beach. Anton's weekend wasn't just fun and frolic however, the heat began to rise, (as did Anton) when the shoot moved inside the abandoned warehouse, where Anton worked up a sweat on the stack of old mattresses left in the building.

Anton's California weekended ended in the shower, (more on that later...) where he not only cleaned up after his hard day, but he also shaved off all of his sexy fur, beautifully on display in these two shots. Mark had asked Anton not to shave before the shoot, but after the last snap was taken, Anton was eager to again shave off his body hair! So glad Mark managed to get so many great shots of Anton before it was all swirled down the drain in Mark and Mike's shower.

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