Tuesday, April 1, 2008

Favorite Classic Playgirl Guy for April 1st Bobby Johnston

Bobby Johnston, Playgirl, March 1992


Anonymous said...

Can you please post photos of my all-time favorite Playgirl centerfold, Peter Lupus? He bared all in April 1974 and was Man of the Year. Thank you.

Anonymous said...

Bobby johnston looks so much hot in this days cause he do softcore porn and look soooo hot with short hair and more mature please post pics of him!
btw in men magazine he appeared in men magazine nudeee please post :)

Anonymous said...

Just watched my DVD of Queer as Folk, the episode when Bobby Johnston plays an accountant by day and Mr. Leather master at night...HOOOOOTTT!!! He definitely matured well...even if it was 13yrs ago. His face and body is still a masterpiece!