Friday, February 6, 2009

Favorite HBO star: Alexander Skarsgård

I have been keeping my eye on Alexander Skarsgard for some time. Alexander currently juggles roles on two of HBO's hottest shows, 'True Blood' and 'Generation Kill'. I have only started watching 'True Blood' and am looking forward to the DVD release of 'Generation Kill'. DaveID at Dreamcaps recently posted some amazing caps of Alexander from 'Generation Kill' and I had to post about this stunning and talented actor.

32 year old Alexander hails from Sweden and not only acts but directs. Known for his roles on Swedish tv shows and movies, Alexander has worked on other American productions in the past, including 2003's Zoolander, but this past year has given Alexander some international attention. The son of legendary character actor Stellan Skarsgård, Alex has been voted Sweden's sexiest man an ego-enhancing five times. It is no wonder Alan Ball cast his on 'True Blood' in the role of Eric, a 1000 year old Viking vampire.

Alexander in 'Generation Kill'. (Thanks to DaveID for the caps below).

Alexander in 'True Blood'.

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