Saturday, November 13, 2010

Happy Birthday today November 13th

Happy Birthday today November 13th to:

German actor Simon-Paul Wagner turns 26 today. The pics for Simon's post come from his great site found HERE:

Jonatan Conejeros, an Argertine model, dancer and actor turns 28 today.

I love Shawn Yue, who is a well known actor and singer in Hong Kong. Spotted on the streets of Hong Kong by agents for a famous modeling company, Shawn became a full time model before moving to acting, after doing some tv commercials in 2001. Shawn turns 29 today.

Actor Noah Hathaway turns 39 today.

Gerard Butler turns 41 today. Check out the blog for more on Gerard.

Actor Steve Lemme turns 42 today.

Actor Steve Zahn turns 42 today.


Fazal deen said...


What happened to Nov. 12th?


How could you forget?

Tye said...

I love Ryan Fazal, sorry, just fell on a day I was not posting. I will not forget him next year!