Friday, April 3, 2015

CFNM: A Vintage Vantage

CFNM themed images certainly aren't new, the Richard Avedon shot of Stephanie Seymour and Marcus Schenkenberg for Gianni Versace (below) I referenced in an earlier post was over 20 years ago back in 1993. The erotic vulnerability of a naked man shot, in this case with a clothed female, has been a fetish for many for a long time.

Some might wonder why I chose to feature naked men with women instead of naked men with other clothed men. I think it has to do with that Raquel Welch image I used as pic of the day. Growing up in the 80's and 90's, most of the male nudity available for my viewing came from fashion magazines and my older brothers porn magazines. It was naked men shot with women that were some of the first erotic images to stimulate and motivate my love of not just the male form but the artistry of capturing them to image.

Below: Image by Richard Avedon

Here are some of my favorite vintage examples, vintage in the case of this post, being anything pre 2000. I especially love some of the early Playgirl couple shoots. When reading some of the write ups, it is clear that some of the male models were more comfortable posing with women than posing alone. For some, posing with a woman more clearly established their sexuality as straight, for others, it just made the experience that much more pleasurable.

CFNM: Classic Playgirl

Below:  Bill Lucidi, Discovery, January 1977

Below: Marc Hampton, Man of the Month: May 1974

Below: Steven Landen, Man of the Month, May 1977

Below: Bryan Haines, The Art Of Disrobing Your Lover, February 1982


Worm Mate said...

I sort of thought you were above these things.. .
J eeze

Unknown said...

I love CFNM images!
And I love (and it excites me) to think that women of other past decades were well disposed to see, enjoy and get excited when seeing sexy naked men.
And I like what you've published these photos.
By the way, do not you have more pictures of that magazine from the 70s called "VIVA"?

Anonymous said...

I also love cfnm pics. As a man I love the humiliation and arousal being naked in front of a clothed woman. The most sexy thing is when she has a camera and use it for taking my naked pics!