Thursday, July 14, 2016

The Great Outdoors by rig500

For most of the country, mid-July means the height of heat and humidity. Just like the snow, and the cold of winter, extreme weather tends to separate people into those who love and embrace it, and those who hate and complain about it. Where I work, I hear daily complaints about the AC making it too cold, and for others, not cold enough. Living in the North West of the continent, I have learned that as soon as I start loving, or hating a weather pattern, it is bound to quickly change.

Recently, I saw an image on Model Mayhem that embedded itself in my mind for a few days. So much so, I had to contact the photographer about including it on FH.  The image, (second to last one below) was a beautiful shot of a naked man lying on the sand at the beach.  It didn't look like the man planned on sun bathing, there was no towel or blanket below him and his underwear was just tossed in the dry sea grass beside him.

There are thousands of shots of naked men at the beach.  This one spoke to me for a number of reasons.  It seemed so organic and natural.  I was reminded that I have yet to get to the beach summer and I could almost feel the heat from the sun and sand that the model must have felt during the shoot. The image had me feeling a bit down, sad the summer was flying by and I had yet to really get out and do some of the things I love to do during the summer.

Those same people yacking about the AC will in a mere two or three weeks be discussing the 'chill' they are starting to feel in the air.  Where I live, signs of Autumn can start appearing in early to mid August.  After feeling a bit melancholy, the image then had me feeling inspired, determined to book off and take some time before the summer passes me by.   I usually take my vacation at the end of August, but I am not going to wait til then to make my way to the beach.

Fresno photographer Ed from rig500 doesn't have to worry so much about rushing for a beach day. California is known for it's endless summer's and Ed is able to shoot outside all year long. Ed used to live just two blocks from the beach, which is where the image that inspired this piece, was taken. The subject was a model Ed connected with at a photographers group and was taken with a film camera before he switched to digital.

Ed has been shooting for many years, but still considers himself an amateur photographer who shoots for the pure joy of it. Ed loves to do travel photography and doesn't have a studio which is why he shoots mainly outdoors using the natural light to cascade over the bodies he shoots.

Despite not considering himself a professional, there is almost a panoramic, 3D feel to so m any of Ed's images.  In many of his shots, I not only visually enjoyed what I saw, and physically felt the heat of the sun.  I could almost feel the dryness of the grass and the lush green of the tree's, even the sound of the cool blue water hitting the sides of the air mattress in the swimming pool.  Inspiration to get outside and experience each of these sensations for myself before the season of summer comes to it's inevitable conclusion.

'When I lived in San Francisco I used to belong to a group of photographers and models who used to meet once a month to do a shoot. Photographers ranged from beginners to professionals and the models were friends, men who wanted to model, etc. The number of photographers and models would vary depending on who was available. Basically it served as a network group as we would also set up individual shoots.'

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