Friday, October 21, 2016

Ten: Charmer, Bond by Studio MG Photography

'I was lucky enough to collaborate with Bond 5 times before he moved from San Francisco and returned to college. He's a remarkable young man, each time we met to create, including that first shoot, it was somehow like greeting a long lost friend. He has an ability to charm anyone and everyone.'

FH readers know Bond Brown well, and from the feedback I have received, I am not alone in being beguiled by Bond.  His beautiful smile, his dancing eyes, his thick curly hair and his body that seems to get more comfortable, sexier, each and every time he steps in front of the camera.

As noted in the piece above, I was introduced to Bond by Wes from New Manhattan Studios, and Wes has generously shared may of his shoots and images with Bond.  I always look forward to seeing more of Bond's work but with these images, it wasn't NMS behind the lens.

Some of you may remember that in the last few NMS features, Wes and Alex had headed West to California to shoot Bond.  It was Wes in fact who recommended Bond and Studio MG Photography's Mark get together, and the images included here, stem from there five shoots together. I love seeing Bond through Mark's lens, and in some of the locations ad themes used by Studio MG.  Mark has compiled many of the best, and the hottest, images from their work together in his new book simply titled, Bond. The book is available in both soft and hard cover, as well as a lower priced e-book version.

'Our first shoot was in some abandoned urban spaces, and he was like a kid in a candy store exploring and claiming and generally having a great time, usually naked. I think the very first shot I took of him he had jumped up and grabbed an overhead sprinkler pipe and was hanging there above me, naked, even before I had the camera out of the bag.'

'Our second shoot was in a beautiful river gorge I'd explored several times before. It required walking several miles on fire roads, and also a good ways up the middle of the river (ranging from ankle deep to swimming, but usually around knee deep). It was spring, but also much colder than usual. Again, Bond was in his happy place exploring our location. We were like popsicles on the walk out after dark though'.

'Our third shoot was when Wes was visiting and Bond came to visit for a couple of days. We worked around two swimming pools, both sunset and sunrise at the beach (and the Pacific is very cold around here any time of year, and we both got wet, again), and in a studio. In case we hadn't already done enough with water Bond also bobbed for apples for my Cirque Erotique collection for a while...'

'For our fourth shoot I promised no more cold water. Instead I had this idea to shoot in a dark studio with the only illumination coming from flying sparks! Bond, like always, said YES! He truly amazes me. For the fifth shoot Wes was again in town. I borrowed Bond for an hour, and borrowed a friends old truck, and we went for a mellow country boy theme. No water, no sparks - just a warm sunny afternoon lounging around the truck...'

Check out more of Studio MG's book Bond, with even more preview images on Blurb HERE:

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Seaweed said...

Your posts of Bond leave me speechless generally, but this last collection leave me in awe, weak and so very overwhelmed. Thanks for the images and your honest words!