Friday, October 21, 2016

Ten: Preeminent, Alex by New Manhattan Studios

Bond & Alex

'This classic Latin beauty became the studio’s most-photographed model. With his ever-cheerful presence always welcome in the studio, Alex started working as an assistant and stylist in early 2013 and by year’s end he had worked more sessions behind the camera than in front.'

Since first featuring his work in 2012, Wes, and the crew from New Manhattan Studios have become one of my favorite, and one of the most featured artists, on FH. Wes always delivers when it comes to creatively produced and elegantly erotic imagery and has an exceptional eye for choosing models, and capturing them at their best.

I have been fortunate to have been able to feature dozens of models from New Manhattan Studios, but two have become favorites of mine, and readers of the site. Alex Corso and Bond Brown have appeared regularly on FH, and have helped celebrate many holidays and special occasions. Who forget Alex's turn earlier this year on St. Patrick's Day in Los Columbian Leprechaun.  FH also celebrated Alex's work as a model, stylist and photographer earlier this year in a full day of posts celebrating his work with New Manhattan Studios. (Here:)

To celebrate FH's 10th, Wes gets Alex, and all of us, drenching wet, in this series of teaser images from their recent shoot in California. Alex looks AMAZING and it's not a surprise that that he continues to be in demand in front of, and behind the camera. I look forward to featuring more of his work as both a model and photographer in the future!