Friday, October 21, 2016

10: POTD 2014

image from macpics

In 2014, artists marking their first feature on FH included; Brett Kiellerop, macpics, Gentlemen Only, Fit Aussie Guys, John Hough, Jamtron Studios, Nathan Scott, Male Beauty by benjie, Diver Photography, Dale Pierce, Matt Lee, Tom Silk, Covetimage, Chris Free, JDT Photography, lionart609 and Philip Rugel. We also saw the debut of many models who went on to become FH Favorites including Rock Carter, Kyle Anderson and the debut of Bond from New Manhattan Studios.

image from Gentlemen Only

image from Fit Aussie Guys

image from Male Beauty by benji

image from John Hough

image from Brett Kiellerop

image from Jamtron Studio

image from Nathan Scott

Rock Carter

Bond Brown from New Manhattan Studios.

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