Sunday, December 18, 2016

John-Paul Lavoisier: Gift Wrapped

Actor John-Paul Lavoisier is one of the most watchable actors working in soaps. His theatre background is evident in his quirky line delivery and interesting acting choices beyond the typical melodramatic, and often bland choices, made by many actors in the genre. I have not been watching much TV these days, but I did watch this episode of Days Of Our Lives on line after seeing an image of John-Paul, shirtless, drugged and tied up last week on the show.

Sadly the show has chosen to let the talented actor go, a bad decision given the most of the actors in his age bracket, currently on the show, lack in their ability to emote much, or create much energy while on screen. I also love John-Paul's beautifully lined face and great body, and if there were a fan club for his hair, I would join it.

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