Friday, December 30, 2016

New Year's Rockin Eve

Don't look so sad,
It's not so bad you know.
It's just another night,
That's all it is, it's not the first

Barry Manilow: It's Just Another New Year's Eve

Ok, I have to start off by saying that I have not watched New Year's Rockin Eve in many many years. I have never seen any of it since Dick Clark died and Ryan Seacrest took over. When I am not out on New Year's Eve, I either have a movie on or check in on Anderson Cooper and Kathy Griffin. But.. when I was a kid, New Year's Rockin Eve was where it was at on December 31st.

The Eighties:

Erin Moran & John John Schneider

I remember begging baby sitters to let me stay up and watch til the ball dropped. I remember being at 'kid' parties, but being back home before the ball drop. I remember having no plans during the 90's and looking forward to seeing Dick Clark and his celebrity co-hosts. Those co-hosts are whom I am saluting tonight. They were usually the 'hot' TV star of the moment on a network show.

Charlene Tilton & Tom Wopat

Some of the women pictured, were scotched taped on my bedroom walls. Many of the men, were in images in a folder I kept hidden in the back of my closet... The show, and it's hosts clearly had an impact on me as many of the men who co-hosted are featured in 'Blast from the Past' features on FH. (but not all, Stephen Baldwin...)

Lydia Cornell & Anson Williams

In addition the hottest of television hunks, there was a female co-host as part of the 'Hollywood' portion of the show, introducing the music acts while Dick Clark held the fort down in New York. I remember being shocked to find out the 'Hollywood' portion of the show as not live. As Margaret Cho confirms in a quote below, the TV celebrities and music acts filmed their portions long before New Years, long before the calendar even had a chance to get turned to December.

Ted McGinley & Emma Samms

I think the last time I actually watched a full edition of New Year's Rockin Eve must have been in the mid nineties. By then, I would have been in University and although I am sure I still caught portions, my excitement for the New Years tradition had severely waned. But.. when I was in jr and senior high, Dick Clark and company were an important part of my early traditions. I applaud Dick Clark for working even after his 2004 stroke strongly impacted his health, appearance and voice. It was sad near the end watching him hand the torch to Ryan Seacrest, Clark's mini me doppelganger.

John Stamos & Heather Locklear

Clark, and New Year's Rockin Eve and American Bandstand were part of my childhood. Shows I remember seeing before I actually remember seeing. Seacrest was new at the time, and didn't, and doesn't hold the same nostalgic and iconic stature as Dick Clark. As time went on, I was also watching less and less TV, and I was far less connected to the hosts, the show, or even the music, that always seemed just a little bit 'last year'.

Brian Wimmer  &  Marg Helgenberger

But... I had a whole lot of fun compiling this visual collection of TV hosts from the years just before, during, and just after I watched the show. Some of the actors are still working steadily today, some are seen from time to time, and some have vanished off the entertainment landscape. But I love these New Year's styled promo shots, full of color, full of balloons, streamers and whistles. They encompass all that New Year's was during the hay day of New Year's Rockin Eve!

Kirk Cameron & Lori Loughlin


Shannen Doherty & Stephen Baldwin

Joey Lawrence performing (1993)

Margaret Cho & Steve Harvey

'In 1994, I co-hosted Dick Clark New Year’s Rockin’ Eve, and we filmed that shit nowhere near New Years. It was like in July or something really early like that. The show was shot in different locations and put together in post like a quilt, but I remember my patch was done at a big megastudio in Orlando, florida, probably MGM or Disneyworld. I am not sure which theme park it was, but I remember at the airport I had to take a tram so it must have been Orlando.'

Yasmine Bleeth & Jamie Walters

Stacey Dash & Donald Faison

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