Tuesday, July 4, 2017

Period Piece: Jon Finch in Une femme fidèle

My quest for period dramas featuring the nude male form recently led me to 1976's Une femme fidèle (aka The Faithful Woman, aka Game of Seduction). When I saw the movie featured Sylvia Kristel, I knew there would be nudity, it was just a question of whether the Roger Vadim direct film would include any male nudity...

Roger came through. Actor Jon Finch looks perfectly dashing as Comte Charles de Lapalmmes, a 19th-century nobleman trying to seduce the married Mathilde Leroy. (Kristel) There was not a lot of male nudity, but a long scene (capped below) in which Finch shows all of his long lean form. I uploaded the scene to SendSpace (HERE:) if anyone is interested, the quality is good, but not spectacular. If you would rather watch the entire film, it can be found on Youtube HERE:

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