Wednesday, October 25, 2017

Horror Hunks: The Vampires of Gayracula:

'He'll Suck You Dry!'

'Count Drac is back - and this time he's necking more than just Stella. Count Gaylord stalks the pubs within L.A. for the hunkiest victims to ever succumb to lust, as well as his enemy, the Marquis de Pint./

I did find a copy of the Halloween themed porn Gayracula, but I can't say I watched the entire thing. As a lover of visuals, especially still images, I was most fascinated by the marketing and promotional stills. The 1983 film, directed by Roger Earl, was shot on film before video took over the porn industry, and the film does have some impressive locations and camera work, especially for the genre. Always interesting to look at adult films in certain era's, and there was a specific look to films before video became the mainstay.

Given it's purpose, most scenes certainly do end with sex, duo and group, but there are some great intro shots and the opening was clearly filmed outside, most likely in a desert in California, not Transitional. My research tell me the studly blonde star Tim Kramer was a popular porn star through most of the 80's appearing in films like, Sunstroke, Trick Time, and Scared Stiff. Sadly, Kramer died less than 9 years later in 1992.

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