Wednesday, October 25, 2017

Studio1x: Loaded for Bear

'The rule about bears is their unpredictability'

FH closed off August by dong my first piece featuring the inspiring work of Jim from Studio1x. (Before, During & After:) The focus was Robbie, a tall, lean dancer who looked striking in and out of his red underwear the other side of Jim's lens.

Today, there is no underwear involved, I am not sure many bears actually wear them. Instead we are introduced to Joe, wrapped only his bear costume just in time for Halloween. Jim sent on a great selection of shots of Jim, and in many, he indeed showed his face, and was wearing clothing. But... I thought this series was not only great for Halloween week, but also a great way to introduce Jim's work with Joe. I promise to feature more of Jim's images of Joe after Halloween has passed so you can learn more about the shoot and Joe, and see his gorgeous face underneath the fur.

Jim describes Joe as being a little quiet at the beginning of the shoot, but that changed when Will Harrison from Visuwil Productions unpacked the costumes and masks he brought for the shoot. Visuwil Productions specializes in Halloween masks, costumes and parties, and as you can see... styling costume themed shoots. Jim and Will wisely didn't cover Joe too much with the suit, leaving our bear mostly bare.

'Joe really came to life when my friend Will brought out some of his costumes and masks to use. Will dressed, styled and assisted in posing of Joe while we spent the next hour shooting Joe in different outfits/masks. When a model puts on a mask, they now can become whoever they want to be, and really do come to life. It was one of those shoots that you wish would never come to an end.'

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