Tuesday, May 8, 2018

Happy Birthday today May 9th

One of these hotties (hint, the one that's not in the cast of Teen Wolf Cast... is blowing out candles today. Just who it is HERE:


Steve said...

Your question "which of these Teen Wolf hotties...?" is misleading given that Chris Zylka never appeared on Teen Wolf, not even as a guest star. Technically he's not a "Teen Wolf hottie". A lot of hot guys appeared on Teen Wolf, but Chris Zylka wasn't one of them. Where is this picture from? I'm more curious about why Chris is hanging out with the Teen Wolf cast.

TyeBriggs said...

Thanks Steve, fixed it, I didn't think Chris was on Teen Wolf, but have not seen the entire series. The shot was just one I found on Pinterest and it was labeled as the Teen Wolf cast.