Saturday, July 11, 2020

Highlights: Playgirl, February 1988

Mike Stone

Mike Stone
Playgirl Discovery
Photographs by Dean Brodie

'We found him on the beach in California.  He was just standing there, staring out to sea, and he looked so strong and sweet and just a little bit sad that we had to know more about him.'

Ken Alan

Ken Allan
Playgirl's Man for February
Photographs by David Vance

'We can't imagine anything nicer than a cozy cabin, a warm fire, and a hot man to share it with....'

'Ken Alan, our Man for February, is a teacher-turned-lifeguard-turned model.  Ken majored in education, and after graduation, he landed a teaching job in a local high school.'

'I was only twenty-two and some of the kids I taught were seventeen and eighteen.  There wasn't much of an age difference.  Girls came on to me, and it felt really uncomfortable.  I guess lots of girls have crushes on their teachers.  I didn't like it, besides, the pay was lousy.  I left teaching after a year.'

Darren Culmar

Darren Culmar
Beach Boy
Photographs by Dean Brodie

'He's never lived more than a mile from the ocean.  You can find him at the shore most mornings before the sun comes up, looking for the perfect wave, or later in the day, gathering shells for his collection.  At night, he's a waiter-in a seafood restaurant.  Darren's ideal woman?  A Mermaid!'

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Steve said...

It probably comes as no surprise that two of these models were also gay porn actors back in the 80s. Darren Culmar used the name Steve Hammond. Mike Stone used the name Vinnie Marino.