Sunday, September 7, 2008

Favorite Birthday Boys for September 7th

Happy Birthday today to:

I find it hard to believe hottie Devon Sawa is turning 30 today.

Actress Goldie Hawn certainly produces beautiful children. Her son Oliver Hudson turns 32 today. (The last two butt shots below are credited to Oliver, but I cannot locate the sourc, anyone have any more info?)

Man, what a hunk, actor Luis Geronimo Abreu from Venezuela turns 36 today.

Adorable actor Tom Everett Scott turns 38 today. (I did a birthday post already on Tom with the wrong date earlier in the year, there are more pics there if you do a search. Also the video for the stage play The Little Dog Laughed is also there if you search for that play name).


native1 said...

The Oliver Hudson photos are from a short Indie movie titled "Butt Naked." It has a two man cast and Oliver is literally naked the entire movie. XYZPDQ has a downloadable video clip on his blog.

native1 said...

XYZPDQ's video clip of Butt Naked is the complete film.

I also just found the complete film available for watching on the producer/director/writer/actor's website. Here is the link.