Sunday, September 7, 2008

Most Overlooked Guy From The Covenant: Toby Hemingway

The Covenant certainly had one of the hottest male casts in years. Between Steven Strait, Chace Crawford, Taylor Kitsch, Sebastian Stan and Kyle Schmid it is hard to stand out. I think Toby Hemingway was one of the highlights of the film. Cute as anything, Toby also showed the most skin. He also followed up The Covenant with Feast Of Love where he again dropped his pants for a brief butt scene. Toby has one of those faces which enables him to play the romantic lead, the hero and as well the bad ass or nasty. This talent deserves the attention some of his co-stars have gotten, so here's to Toby Hemingway.

Toby in 'Feast Of Love'

Toby in 'The Covenant'

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