Friday, January 23, 2009

Favorite Birthday Boy #1 for January 23rd Brian Kehoe

I have said before that the only season of Janice Dickinson I have seen was season 1. I can't stand Janice and stopped watching. I recently caught a few episodes of what I think is season 3, and there is something intriguing and endearing about Brian Kehoe. Between his struggles and his antics he is certainly entertaining, watchable about him. Brian needs another reality show for all the personality he has. Brian turns 23 today.


Jill said...

Kehoe is cute - there's something adorable about him and the number of times he ends up naked helps! In fact there should be a warning to male models auditioning for Janice, "abandon trousers all ye who enter here"

Anonymous said...

And given her personaltiy, perhaps also their dicks, too!!!

Anonymous said...

I love watching Kehoe, but all that stuff on her show is so staged.