Tuesday, March 30, 2010

Happy Birthday today March 30th to

Happy Birthday today March 30th to:

Mr France (2003), model and athlete Frederic Deltour turns 28 today.

Actor Rupert Evans turns 34 today.

Rupert in 'Son & Lovers' (Caps via Casperfan).

Mark Consuelos turns 39 today.

Ian Ziering turns 46 today.

Warren Beatty turns 73 today.


Azza D said...

If Frederic Deltour is turning 28 and was Mr France in 2003, that means he was 15 years old when he won Mr France? This doesn't seem right... or legal!! Haha :P

TyeBriggs said...

He turned 34th, this post is from 2010 when he turned 28