Tuesday, March 30, 2010

Happy Birthday today March 30th to

Happy Birthday today March 30th to:

Mr France (2003), model and athlete Frederic Deltour turns 28 today.

Actor Rupert Evans turns 34 today.

Rupert in 'Son & Lovers' (Caps via Casperfan).

Mark Consuelos turns 39 today.

Ian Ziering turns 46 today.

Warren Beatty turns 73 today.


Azza said...

If Frederic Deltour is turning 28 and was Mr France in 2003, that means he was 15 years old when he won Mr France? This doesn't seem right... or legal!! Haha :P

Tye said...

He turned 34th, this post is from 2010 when he turned 28