Tuesday, March 30, 2010

Make sure not to miss tonight...

If your a regular reader of FH you know one of my favorite new shows of this season is Accidentally on Purpose. AOP boasts a stellar cast and great writing. I know some critics have not given the show it's due but AOP is the only comedy currently on the air that has me rolling on the floor laughing. Some of the early episodes were a bit inconsistent but as the season went on the show really hit its groove. This cast has a way of creating magic with line delivery and with writer and producer Claudia Lonow at the helm I am looking forward to the remainder of the season.

Currently AOP is 'on the bubble'. On the bubble in tv terms means it is currently at risk of being cancelled. The rating for AOP have been great, the real problem seems to be that CBS currently has one or two sit-coms too many. It is all going to come down to the numbers. My guess is CBS is looking at AOP and closely comparing the numbers to Rules Of Engagement and Gary Unmarried. With AOP going into Gary's Wednesday's time slot it could simply be a question of which of the two shows gets better numbers as the determining factor for who stays.

I hope there is more to the decision because AOP has so much more potential than either of the other two shows. Neither Gary Unmarried or Rules of Engagement have the magic that I see in AOP. Add to that both have been on the air for a few seasons. AOP has taken off in it's first season and it is far more likely to have it's audience continue to grow. It is unlikely after being on the air for 2 or 3 seasons the other two shows are going to bring in any better numbers than they already have.

AOP needs to continue. It is a sit-com whose first season was all about a meeting, a pregnancy and the beginning of a relationship. Next season after the birth, there will be a whole new set of issues for the cast and writers to explore. (Would be a shame to miss Lennon Parham babysitting!)

If you have not checked AOP out be sure to tune into CBS tonight. It is a repeat but it will get you started. If you watch, don't miss it's move to Wednesday beginning tonight. Lets keep this show on the air. AOP may not be getting the critical acclaim of other shows but I tell you it certainly has provided me with some much needed laughs each Monday night.

Check out Nic and Jon's latest talk show episode where they travel to Texas to get to know their fans a bit better! You can watch that HERE:

Law and Order SVU

I boycotted all the Law and Orders and CSI's awhile ago. (I work with people effected by violence and don't need to see it nightly on tv) but...SVU has had some fun guest stars this season and some memorable if not manipulative rating grabbing episodes. Tonight's installment with some of the 80's finest females looks to be a hoot. Jacyln Smith, Susan Anton, Morgan Fairchild and Ann-Margaret head up tonight's guest cast.

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Brian said...

Oh PLEASE let them cancel Rules Of Engagement.....I watched a few episodes last season but I just can't stand David Spade....If you hadn't raved about AOP I never would have given it a second chance and now I've actually downloaded them all and watched most of them twice.Ashley Jensen is laugh out loud funny and steals her scenes : )
I'll never look at a tin of coconut milk without laughing again!