Wednesday, December 15, 2010

Happy Birthday Today December 15th

Happy Birthday today December 15th to:

Actor Brendan Fletcher turns 29 today.

Actor Adam Brody turns 31 today.

Rooney's drummer Ned Brower turns 32 today. Ned was one of my favorites from the amazing Greg Gorman book 'As I See It'.

Truly one of my favorite hunks, Will Wikle turns 32 today.

Geoff Stults turns 33 today.

Talented actor and director Stuart Townsend turns 38 today.

Note: This is a privious Birthday on Don, but thought I could not do better than what I already posted.

For some reason, I never got into Miami Vice. Maybe because I was still a kid when it aired and not allowed to watch it. Maybe because my parents were watching Dallas on another network, and I was forced to watch Dallas if I was home, and then grew to enjoy it. I did however always have a major crush on Don Johnson, especially the young Don Johnson. Now don't get me wrong, Don is still a great looking guy, but when in his late teens through this late 30's, Don had a look, I cannot explain it, his face, his body something that when I saw early pics of him drove me wild. Happy 61st Don!!!

Above: Don in 'The Harrad Experiment' (1973).

'Fortune and Men's Eyes:
In 1969, a 19 year old Don Johnson starred on stage in the LA production of "Fortune and Men's Eyes", a drama exploring homosexuality behind bars. Quite a subject matter for 1969. The play was directed by actor Sal Mineo who also starred along side Don. The following are some pics from the Play.

Above: Program pics from "Fortune and Men's Eyes" via Norma Harding from The Official Sal Mineo Website, a great place to learn about this talented actor.

Tim Conway turns 77. (Will Mr Tudball ever make it to DVD???)

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